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Re: [wmx] WMX GNOME and other enhancements patch

James Montgomerie - Sun Nov 26 17:44:30 2000

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From: "Chris Cannam" <cannam@all-day-breakfast.com>
Subject: Re: [wmx] WMX GNOME and other enhancements patch
> James Montgomerie wrote:
> Used to be the case that wmx would only receive its own input
> (the ALT-stuff) when num lock was off... I think that's probably
> irrelevant here though.  Still, I'll give it another go both
> ways

When I had the problem, I was using a computer at University with a weird
keymap, so I agree that it's a long shot.

> > Could you post what your options link points to?
> /home/cannam/.wmx/options -> menu:full/new:on
> Which I think is the same as in the Config.h, I just created the
> options link a few months ago to see if it would break anything.

Curious - still nothing going wrong for me (I'm using a plain 'xinit' [i.e.
an xterm with gnome WM], and loading wmx manually from a system console).

> btw, I notice Manager.C now prints "GNOME compliant" regardless
> of the value of the GNOME_BUTTON_COMPLIANCE config option.
> Intentional, or not?

Ah, intentional.  I'm afraid I removed the GNOME compliance ifdefs (bear
with me - I thought long and hard about it before I did it, and I think it's
the right decision).  There used to be two GNOME-related configuration
options - one about the buttons (which is still there, and should still
work) and another more general one.  With all the fundamental changes I was
making to accommodate - e.g. layering - the code was getting to be a huge
unmaintainable mess of GNOME ifdefs.  Some of these were even misleading
(e.g. layer support actually originates from MWM, not GNOME and shape code
should surely work fully for everyone).  Having GNOME compliance switched
/on/ shouldn't affect anyone not using GNOME adversely, so I removed the
option to have it switched off.

A thought about the problem - perhaps the windows are somehow getting placed
into the wrong layer - do they have borders around them? (if they do, they
should be able to receive keyboard input).  This can be checked by
commenting in the fprintf on line 627-628 of Manager.C - the default layer
should be 4.