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Re: [wmx] WMX GNOME and other enhancements patch

Chris Cannam - Sun Nov 26 17:10:27 2000

James Montgomerie wrote:

I remember a while ago, something weird happened, and when running WMX, X
would only accept input when numlock was on.

Used to be the case that wmx would only receive its own input
(the ALT-stuff) when num lock was off... I think that's probably
irrelevant here though.  Still, I'll give it another go both

Could you post what your options link points to?

/home/cannam/.wmx/options -> menu:full/new:on

Which I think is the same as in the Config.h, I just created the
options link a few months ago to see if it would break anything.

btw, I notice Manager.C now prints "GNOME compliant" regardless
of the value of the GNOME_BUTTON_COMPLIANCE config option.
Intentional, or not?