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[wmx] WMX GNOME and other enhancements patch

James Montgomerie - Mon Nov 13 22:54:17 2000

Attached is a patch I worked up at the start of the summer - apologies for
not posting it earlier.  I started when I installed GNOME 1.2 and windows
appeared twice in the task list, and my work snowballed.  The patch gives
something not quite entirely unlike full GNOME compliance* [making wmx one
of the select few almost GNOME compliant window managers].  See the features
list below.  It should apply cleanly to a wmx-6pre6 source 'tree', and I
think it's quite stable (I've used it for four months now, and I can't
remember a crash :-).  It updates the README to include instructions for the
new configuration options, but not any of the other documents.


*see below for missing GNOMEy features.


Note: I wrote most of the patch four months ago, so forgive me if I've
missed something I've done from the list.

New Features:
Now manages all windows, even e.g. desktop icons, but doesn't put a border
around them, and won't give them focus (required for GNOME compliance).
Puts borders around shaped windows that are not marked as borderless.  I
like the feature - at last I can move xeyes around :-) [Don't worry, it puts
transient-style window frames around shaped windows, so you can't see them
if your mouse isn't hovering over the window].
Margin around the text in the window tabs is now configurable (through the
symbolic scheme - see the README).
Added a configuration option enabling the click which gives focus when
click-to-focus is turned on to be passed through to the newly focused

New GNOME/MWM Compliancy Features:
Support for GNOME's layers.
Stickiness works with GNOME (i.e. wmx and GNOME can now agree on which
windows are sticky).
Stopped windows appearing twice in GNOME 1.2's task list (the reason this
was happening, if I remember correctly, was because hidden windows were
being 'told to GNOME' twice when an update was made).
Honour a window's 'skip focus' (i.e. alt-tab won't hit it) property.

Other Changes:
Changed a couple of 'delete's to 'delete[]'s (tsk, tsk :-)
Removed an error printing routine from the dynamic configuration reader (I
can't see why it was needed - indeed, I think it was actually stopping
correct loading in some cases by aborting if the configuration was not given
in a set order).

Missing Things for full GNOME compliance:
Tell if a window should be borderless properly (at the moment, it's
implicitly based on the window's layer).
Tell if a window should be able to receive full focus properly (again, based
on layer).
Read the 'usable screen' dimensions from somewhere (to avoid maximising over
panels etc.).
Session management (I haven't even /touched/ this :-)

Things that 'would be nice':
A (compile-time?) option to make the window-choosing menu a GTK one to fit
in with GNOME.

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