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Re: [wmx] window stacking and multiple tabs

Lasse Rasinen - Mon Jun 19 17:43:59 2000

"cannam" <cannam@all-day-breakfast.com> writes:

> I would consider going for diagonal lines across all three tabs
> always (as in pwm-wm-4-top.gif) and then using a lighter
> background colour (or a bold font, but that has the disadvantage
> of changing the lengths of the tabs when you click on one of
> them) for the active one.

How would you do backgrounds in a lighter color, then? (The new default
background is pretty light anyway). Perhaps some raster in non-active
windows to darken them?

> Which leads to another problem: How does PWM cope when you add
> together so many windows, or windows with such long names, that

The latest version can also kill stuff before a colon, which helps shorten
"Netscape: Foobar" a bit.

> btw, note that for xterms at least there is another kind of
> a solution to the same problem in the shape of PowerShell, a
> terminal emulator that allows you to tab between several active
> sessions at once.  http://powershell.pdq.net/ -- I haven't
> tried it myself yet, but it looks like a potentially useful tool.

Yes, for xterms one can always use that or screen. But what about
Netscape etc.?

Btw. I don't see myself using this even if some brave soul does implement
it, I'm perfectly happy with hiding windows etc. (Of course, a good
implementation might lead to a more readable Border class, which would be
nice ;)
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