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Re: [wmx] meta-key in wmx-6pre4

cannam - Tue May 16 14:29:59 2000

Jakob Schlyter <jakob@crt.se> writes:
> > Big obvious starter question: Have you changed the CONFIG_ALT_KEY
> > in Config.h away from the default of XK_Meta_L
> No, I like to keep it that way if possible. If not, I could change.

Hmm.  So formerly you could use the left Meta as the wmx Alt key,
and also have Meta-% and other Meta- combinations passed correctly
through to Emacs?

I have just tested against wmx-6pre4 and I find that I can use Meta
as the wmx Alt key and still have Meta-x and other Meta- combinations
passed to Emacs, except that combinations that also require Shift,
like Meta-%, fail.  Is that the same behaviour that you're seeing?
If so then it sounds like the additional grab at Client.C:211 may be
to blame, but I would have naively expected that to deny all Meta
combinations to Emacs, not just the Meta-Shift ones.