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[wmx] multihaded WMX and Channels

Armen Nakashian - Thu May 11 19:51:14 2000

Just wanted to say that when multi-head becomes part
of the standard WMX, please make channels
screen-sticky as an option.  

Personally I prefer one channel to stretch across all
my screens.  I have three (yes!) screens which I place
seperate telnets to cluster members, and I find it
very useful to flip between my developement channel
and my test-channel with all of my members.  

I know many of you wanted different channels per
screen, which is nice to.  For this, could I suggest a
root menu option (on each screen) that lets you enable
or disable a 'sticky' feature, to disconnect that
screen from the non-sticky ones.  Of course, the
default sticky/non-sticky should be an option.

BTW these same concepts can exist on a non-multiscreen
multihead system.  By simply knowing the physical
bondries of piece of glass, you can figure out where a
window should be 'bounded' by calculating its screen.
Super useful for both sticky channels, as well as
maximizing a window and having it fill up just one
screen, a la Windows 98. 

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