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Re: [wmx] New tarball, and some questions

cannam - Thu May 11 19:03:09 2000

(I'm sorry, I just hit Send on an unedited version of this.)

"cannam" <cannam@all-day-breakfast.com> writes:
> I think the keyboard menu is now broken

Fixed as per Lasse's comment.

> Because we now want to grab KeyPress and KeyRelease events
> for the Alt key [...] we now need to know which keysym Alt
> uses as well as which modifier it is.

Right, I've ditched CONFIG_ALT_KEY_MASK.  Now you just define
the keysym as CONFIG_ALT_KEY, and practically the first thing
the wm does is look up the modmap and work out which modifier
mask it wants.  Works for me.



If you're using a Config.h from an earlier build of yours,
you'll certainly have to edit it to set the ALT_KEY keysym --
check the example in the distributed version.

Yelp if it doesn't work for you.