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Re: [wmx] Command line interface for wmx?

Joel Reicher - Tue Jan 18 04:07:32 2000

> > There was some discussion about this on the Gnome/KDE WM spec list
> > (archives on www.gnome.org I think). Associating each X window with a PID a
> lso
> > allows you to kill Netscape reliably.  :)
> speaking of which, i have the following script:
> kill -9 `ps auxww | grep netscape | grep -v grep | cut -c11-16`
> rm -f ~/.netscape/lock
> rm -rf ~/.netscape/cache/*
> Kills netscape, removes the lock file, and deletes the old cache.

IMHO, parsing ps output is not something to be relied on. Especially in
this case since, AFAIK, the above mentioned lock file is a symbolic link
to a `filename' which contains the PID of netscape anyway.


	- Joel