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Re: [wmx] Command line interface for wmx?

henri - Tue Jan 18 04:47:41 2000

> > speaking of which, i have the following script:
> > 
> > kill -9 `ps auxww | grep netscape | grep -v grep | cut -c11-16`
> > rm -f ~/.netscape/lock
> > rm -rf ~/.netscape/cache/*
> > 
> > 
> > Kills netscape, removes the lock file, and deletes the old cache.
> IMHO, parsing ps output is not something to be relied on. Especially in
> this case since, AFAIK, the above mentioned lock file is a symbolic link
> to a `filename' which contains the PID of netscape anyway.

i just use

> killall -9 netscape
> netscape-wrapper

(http://freshmeat.net/appindex/1999/05/04/925832324.html) is just
great... gets rid of the lock files etc... also great to use in the
gnome/kde panel as the launcher for netscape (it basically does a "new
window" command, so there is almost no startup delay).