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Re: [wmx] Command line interface for wmx?

Jerronimo - Mon Jan 17 18:46:02 2000

On Mon, 17 Jan 2000, Michael ROGERS wrote:
> >But there's no way to associate a process id with X window id. Therefore,
> >we don't know when the new window opened comes from the program we want it
> >to be.
> >
> >All in all, this is a tricky subject. Good ideas welcome.
> There was some discussion about this on the Gnome/KDE WM spec list
> (archives on www.gnome.org I think). Associating each X window with a PID also
> allows you to kill Netscape reliably.  :)

speaking of which, i have the following script:

kill -9 `ps auxww | grep netscape | grep -v grep | cut -c11-16`
rm -f ~/.netscape/lock
rm -rf ~/.netscape/cache/*

Kills netscape, removes the lock file, and deletes the old cache.



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