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[wmx] Bug in auto-raise

Joel Reicher - Wed Jan 12 02:35:41 2000

This may actually be a bug in the focus-follows-mouse code, but I haven't
looked into it that much because I suspect it may be a known bug. Needless
to say I've built with auto-raise.

When I press alt-l in netscape to bring up a URL dialogue box, the focus
shifts to that box. But when that box disappears, something weird happens
to the netscape window that produced it - not only is the title of this
window no longer updated, but focus doesn't follow when the mouse goes
on to the contents of the window. Normal functioning resumes if I move the
mouse on to wmx's frame of the window - title starts updating again, and
the focus following starts working again.

This bug has happened with both wmx5 and wm6-pre1, but not in wm2!

Any ideas?


	- Joel Reicher