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[wmx] a humble RFE, and config question

tchappell - Mon Nov 29 20:33:34 1999

At the risk of jeopardizing the simplistic beauty of wmx, is it possible
to have a configurable option that would allow interactive window
placement ?   By this I mean when a window is created, instead of appearing
at a seemingly random place on the screen, wmx would allow you direct
with the mouse where to place the window (ala fvwm, etc.).   This could be 
a true/false option configurable via the .wmx/options symlink...

Also, the only keyboard shortcut I find myself using is the "sticky" window
option.  Is there a way to disable (through Config.h) all but this
key combination ?  It looks like there is a case statement which handles
the key combination selection, and so if I have the same symbol defined for
multiple combinations (e.g., XK_VoidSymbol), I get warnings about
"duplicate case values".


Toby Chappell                                      Georgia State Univ.
Systems Programmer IV                                 Atlanta, Georgia 
tchappell@gsu.edu                                       (404) 651-2639