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[wmx] Command line interface for wmx?

Lasse Rasinen - Sun Jan 16 23:41:09 2000

wmx is nice, it has a clean and simple GUI. But setting up my windows
every time I start X is getting a bit tiresome.

So I'm proposing a following system:

$ wmx-next -sticky
$ xterm
$ wmx-next -nodecor (like xnodecor)
$ xclock -geometry ...
$ wmx-next -channel 2
$ emacs

... you get the point. Note that the options are all mutually exclusive.
Maybe add -warp too. 

Then the unanswered questions:

How do you implement something like this cleanly. You could simply set a
property for root window describing the options the next window created
should have, and wmx then zeroes this.

Should the system be extended beyond describing windows and be a wmx
control center? This would allow some really perverted scripting, like
having a Workspace menu in command root window ;)
$ wmx-tell -switch <channel>
$ wmx-tell -move <window id> <channel>

How would this fit in with Gnome/KDE plans for wm compatability? 

(By the way, the last time I looked at the new draft assumes the window
manager is pretty conventional, so I feel wmx would lose a lot of its
originality and charm implementing those to the letter. There's some good
stuff there, but when it comes to icons and stuff, I tend to agree with
wm2 design principles there ;) YMMV)

I'm not suggesting this be done right away, but only after implementations
detailed have been honed out. wmx has a nice structure at the moment, I'd
hate to have some quick-and-dirty crap there.