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[wmx] more fun stuff

henri - Fri Oct 22 10:43:59 1999


put up another hack to my favorite window manager...

Groups... like in C&C or TA or .. (fill in favorite real-time strategy

[for the following example <rwk> means right windows key, which i have
bound to my CONFIG_ALT_KEY_MASK ie my 'wmx' key]

if you press

<rwk>+<control>+<#> (where # is any number on the main keyboard, not
on the keypad) then the window that has focus is now part of that #s

any time you press <rwk>+<#> then all the windows that are part of
that group are raised, if the last window of the group is on a
different channel then you are switched to that channel.

if you do the <rwk>+<control>+<#> again then the window is removed
from that group.

<rwk>+<shift>+<#> clears the group of all windows

sorry, no patch, just a tarball (at http://www.nidal.com/~henri/wmx)
and i noticed that my tarballs were in the 200k! jeez... i had a 500K
pixmap in there (oops), they are now back down to 75k.

of course this is all in nice #if #endif blocks so if you don't like
it you can compile it out of your code and the <shift> and <control>
are both settable in the Config.h file.


- note: i haven't actually tried this out yet to see if its of any
real use... i know it works and doesn't leak any memory, so it can't
be all that bad.


- i also slipped in a little fix for xmms (and any shaped client): the
main xmms window, the playlist and the equalizer now line up
nicely. but again, sorry no patch, download this latest thing and set
CONFIG_GROUPS False if you only want the xmms fix.