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Re: [wmx] more fun stuff

cannam - Fri Oct 22 13:55:35 1999

Michael ROGERS <M.Rogers@cs.ucl.ac.uk> writes:
> Isn't there a way for apps to specify window groups using hints?


> If so, maybe you could implement that using the same mechanism?

In theory wmx already supports window groups, I think since wmx-5.
(I haven't looked at Henri's hack, so I don't know if he's extending
the existing groups support or doing something quite separate.)  Few
apps use window groups, and I put in the support without much time
for testing, so I don't really know whether it works or not!  But in
theory, windows in the same group should hide, change channel etc
all together.  Anyone like to test it with an app that's known to
use groups, report whether it works, and fix it if it doesn't?