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Re: [wmx] more fun stuff

Chris Cannam - Sat Oct 23 12:39:48 1999

henri wrote:
> i would assume that xmms would be doing that (or it should at
> least)... i'll have to look at the xmms code...

Please do.

> in response to Michael Rogers comments, any ideas on how to do
> the "all switch" or "all minimize" ?

Well, the X window groups, the sort specified through hints, have
the concept of a group leader.  Every window in a group has the
window_group hint set to the window ID of its leader; a window
with no window_group hint is the leader of the group (it may also
be the only window in the group, if no other windows refer to it).

This makes it relatively easy to come to *some* decision about
what to do with groups -- if you switch, hide or kill the group
leader, then take the whole group with it; to a window that
isn't the leader, then affect only that one.  This makes sense
in many cases because the most usual use of groups is where you
have one central control window and many separate view or dialog
windows; you want the freedom to hide views without affecting
the group as a whole, but it would rarely be a good idea to hide
the leader and leave non-leaders present.  But even then there'll
be times when you do want to act on a non-leader and the whole
group as well; this is where you start getting "hold ctrl and
left-click..." directions.