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Re: [wmx] more fun stuff

henri - Mon Oct 25 17:28:00 1999

> Michael ROGERS <M.Rogers@cs.ucl.ac.uk> writes:
> > 
> > Perhaps if the window leader is switched or minimised,
> > all the members of the group should be affected, but if
> > any other member of the group is switched or minimised,
> > only the selected member should be affected? In that
> > case group leaders should probably be marked in some way.
> This is what wmx currently attempts to do with X groups.
> However there is no visual indication of the group leader,
> except that it's presumably usually the window you would
> expect to be the leader (as the application would usually
> specify its main control window to be the leader).

are X groups definable by the user or are they program specific? can
you set a few xterms to be part of the same group?

i've added a bit of feedback to my stuff, when you add a window to a
group all the other window's borders get raised/flashed (like when you
move through the window menu). still not enough... 

i think i'm going to try to flash the group number in the top left
corner (just hack the channel # code).