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Re: [wmx] Comments and questions from a wmx newbie

Stefan `Sec` Zehl - Mon Aug 02 22:11:39 1999


On Mon, Aug 02, 1999 at 09:26:04AM -0700, James Ramsey wrote:
> The build instructions in the README need updating. They don't even
> mention using configure.

This is correct. adding configure was done as a quick hack, as I wanted
to gather feedback wether it works or not before I decide if it should
As I got (nearly) no feedback, I assume it works and it will stay,
however the old Makefile will be added back, for these people who prefer
doing it by hand.

> Why not use X resources to configure wmx instead of the symbolic link
> hack? I may be showing my ignorance here, but using X resources would
> seem to be a straightforward and standard. From what I've gathered from
> some old Xlib manuals, wmx wouldn't even need a lot of homegrown
> parsing routines; the various Xrm functions would take care of most of
> that. You could even have the resources in a different file, such as
> ~/.wmxrc, for example. I don't profess to understand the whole thing,
> but it would seem a saner approach.

At first wmx wasn't configurable (besides recompiling). Chris stated
that he doesn't want to add a config-file, because it would be overkill.
I found this hack with the symlink fitting to wmx's "be a little
different" attitude, and it's quite easy to implement.

> Questions?
> ==========
> What determines the number of virtual desktops?

such that there always is one empty spare one. I.e. initially there are
two, because all windows are on Desktop 1. If you place a window on
Desktop 2, a third, empty one appears.

> I remember seeing on Freshmeat that wmx-5 was the "stable" version, and
> wmx-5sec4 (well, wmx-5sec6 now) was the developmental version. Why do I
> get the feeling that this isn't quite true?

I called these versions 'developmental' because I wanted to see if they
are stable enough (nothig is worse than a core'ing windowmanager imho :)
It seems that they are indeed stable. I'll have to think about a better
scheme for that.

> Now after all that criticism, I hope you don't think I don't like wmx.
> If I didn't like it, I wouldn't be using it. There are some things that
> I think could be better, so I might as well comment on them.

No problem, I like feedback :-)

At least in Norway, I know people have been put in jail for following
the prime directive instead of helping. -- <art@flying.broomstick.com>