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[wmx] Feature suggestion: a "Restart wmx" command

James Ramsey - Mon Aug 02 20:35:32 1999

I noticed that the pixmap backing for the window borders can be
determined at runtime by putting an appropriate "border.xpm" in ~/.wmx.
I like it. However, to get the border pixmap to actually change, I have
to exit wmx, which, barring interesting tricks with my .Xclients file,
generally means exiting X. To avoid this annoyance, I suggest that
there be some way to just restart wmx. At the very least, "Restart wmx"
should be on the root menu.

If it can be easily done, I would also suggest that the restarting also
be done by invoking the command 'restart-wmx'. (The command could of
course be named something else.) The reason for this would be so that I
could have a shell script like this in ~/.wmx:


ln -sf ~/.wmx-themes/Fuego/border.xpm ~/.wmx/border.xpm
xv -root -quit -max ~/.wmx-themes/Fuego/background.jpg

Voila! wmx theming on the fly! 

Of course, if doing an actual "restart-wmx" command is a mess, it
shouldn't be bothered with. The theming cat can also be skinned in
other ways.

Definitely though, please have "Restart wmx" be part of the root menu.


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