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[wmx] Comments and questions from a wmx newbie

James Ramsey - Mon Aug 02 18:25:51 1999


The build instructions in the README need updating. They don't even
mention using configure.

Why not use X resources to configure wmx instead of the symbolic link
hack? I may be showing my ignorance here, but using X resources would
seem to be a straightforward and standard. From what I've gathered from
some old Xlib manuals, wmx wouldn't even need a lot of homegrown
parsing routines; the various Xrm functions would take care of most of
that. You could even have the resources in a different file, such as
~/.wmxrc, for example. I don't profess to understand the whole thing,
but it would seem a saner approach.


What determines the number of virtual desktops?

I remember seeing on Freshmeat that wmx-5 was the "stable" version, and
wmx-5sec4 (well, wmx-5sec6 now) was the developmental version. Why do I
get the feeling that this isn't quite true?

Now after all that criticism, I hope you don't think I don't like wmx.
If I didn't like it, I wouldn't be using it. There are some things that
I think could be better, so I might as well comment on them.


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