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Re: [wmx] .wmx help [was] Re:"New" on click?

O'Shaughnessy Evans - Sat Jul 17 06:47:09 1999

digs <mjs@nts-online.net> wrote:
> Hi Lemuel-
> I'll help you in the earnest hope that the coders on this list
> woulld *NOT* shrug off so lightly /we/ newbies
> i posted a note a few days back and no one even tried to respond
> hrmpph..
> ps. i'am using wmx-5sec6 with a 95keyboard how do i bringup
> the command menu or is it the client /ie button 2 menu/ via the keyboard???
> alt+menu=new
> alt+?=~.wmx menu

Hmm.  Perhaps, like me, nobody else on the list has a Windows keyboard,
so we don't know how to answer your question.  Anyhow, couldn't you use
something like xkeycaps to find out what the keymap for the Windows key
is, then hardcode as the map for the command menu in Config.h?


O'Shaughnessy Evans

 Your maxim for the day is:  "The virtue of an NIS implementation is a
 function of how easily you can turn it off."  In the case of Solaris
 2.x, I must say the NIS implementation is outstanding.
                                           -- BIND 8.1.2 documentation