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Re: [wmx] delay-raise doesn't work

digs - Mon Jul 19 00:02:05 1999

Hi Martin-

well /maybe/ your link is not quite right..
take a look at mine:

# ls -l ~/.wmx/options

 options -> menu:full/new:on/focus:delay-raise,100/keyboard:on/feedback:on

just a shot in the dark but maybe your entry,
/via the #command line/ is getting truncated- try this:

# ln-sf menu:full/new:on/focus:delay-raise,100/keyboard \

Martin Dieringer wrote:

> why does 
> ~/.wmx:
> lrwxr-xr-x  options@ -> focus:delay-raise,500
> not work? I have no delay at all, all windows come up at once.
> Config.h is unchanged there.
> It's with wmx-5sec6, on FreeBSD 3.2-STABLE
> thanks.
> martin

best of luck..

later on,