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[wmx] .wmx help [was] Re:"New" on click?

digs - Sat Jul 17 04:01:33 1999

Hi Lemuel-
I'll help you in the earnest hope that the coders on this list
woulld *NOT* shrug off so lightly /we/ newbies
i posted a note a few days back and no one even tried to respond

Lemuel Typhair wrote:
> Could a couple of you e-mail me examples of there .wmx
> files?  I am new to .wmx and would appreciate your
> help.  Thnaks.

-*post here read here*-

.wmx is not a file please reread the docs,but rather a subfolder
off of your home folder ie..
1.if your in x open up a xterm then type cd <return>
2.then type mkdir .wmx <return>
3.cd .wmx <return>
4.ln -sf /usr/X11/bin/xterm xterm <return>
5.pico example <return>
6.while in pico type
  echo "this is an exmple" |/usr/X11/bin/xmessage nifty -file -
save the file and make it executable "/chmod +x ~/.wmx/example"
7.while still in the xterm type cd <return>
then type cd .wmx <return>
next type: ln -sf  menu:full/new:on/focus:delay-raise, \
100/keyboard:on/feedback:on options

ps. i'am using wmx-5sec6 with a 95keyboard how do i bringup
the command menu or is it the client /ie button 2 menu/ via the keyboard???
alt+?=~.wmx menu

later on,