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Re: [wmx] "New" on click?

Owen Cameron - Fri Jul 16 20:42:06 1999

On Fri, Jul 16, 1999 at 08:09:01PM +0200, Sven Oliver Moll did utter:
> On 15 Jul 1999, Lasse Rasinen wrote:
> >
> >Howabout spawning a new xterm (or whatever) when you simply do a left
> >click on the root window? That would save the unnecessary "move down"
> >part.
> Howabout putting that on the right MouseButton?

can't say I like the idea much of either suggestion - the window-swapping
of the right MouseButton is too usefull to giveup IMHO, and same for the 
left-mousebutton windowlist. 

How about, if you MUST have a click-with-no-move "new" functionality (which 
I think is horrible UI design and would disable at the first chance I have),
why not make the the left menu start with teh pointer already on "new", but
keep the menu's functionality as a window-list intact also?

Hell, actually, I'd even say abolish the "new" from the left-mouse totally,
and hardcode it as thre first item of the middle-mouse menu, (which is then
still chosen on-click-without-move), with other items on the middle-mouse
being dynamic according to $HOME/.wmx/ same as now... that then puts all of
wmx's own ability to open a program in one spot :)

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