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Re: [wmx] GNOME part 2

Henri - Tue May 18 11:48:32 1999

ok, maybe i should have gone to bed before mailing that.. :)

latest patch is at:


get wmx-5sec6.tar.gz, untar, go into the directory


patch -strip < wmx-5sec6-gnome.diff

check to make sure that the last option in Config.h is 


- another hack for the panel is:

just have exec gnome-session in .xinitrc
start an xterm
'xnodecor panel'
'killall wmx'

this doesn't work for gmc though :(

> hey,
> ok, a good nights sleep helped a lot...
> i cleaned up the code a bit, and it doesn't seem to crash anymore
> (joy!)
> the pager now shows the outlines of the windows on the different
> channels, when you move a client from one channel to anther the pager
> knows about it. did i say it doesn't core dump anymore? 
> it also (correctly) shows all clients if you select that option in the
> gnome-pager settings.
> the main problem remains that when you startx w/ 
> exec gnome-session 
> as the only thing in your .xinitrc it starts wmx before the panel, so
> the panel gets a frame around it... (lame). 
> one thing you can do is add a call to 'xnodecor -w panel' in the gnome 
> session manager (from the control center, add it to the
> "non-session-managed startup programs" w/ priority 50) so that it runs 
> after the panel. then you have to change the priority of
> "wm-properties-capplet --sync" (in the "browse currently running
> programs") and log out and restart X.
> but due to a bug (?) in GNOME 1.0.4 the priority setting only lasts
> ONE restart (once again, lame) so you have to set it every time you
> run X.
> another option is to start the panel in your .xinitrc:
> panel &
> xnodecor panel 
> exec gnome-session
> the drawback is that A) you don't get the pager since wmx isn't
> running so it hasn't set the correct props on the root window, you can
> add it to the panel manually (nice little chicken-and-egg thing going
> here). B) you can't log out anymore (w/ the foot->logout) since it
> isn't the program that's exec'ed.
> (lame)
> the other thing that looks wrong is the gmc, the icons get frames and
> backgrounds (same issue as the panel)
> questions? comments? feedback?
> henri