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[wmx] GNOME part 2

Henri - Tue May 18 11:27:00 1999


ok, a good nights sleep helped a lot...

i cleaned up the code a bit, and it doesn't seem to crash anymore

the pager now shows the outlines of the windows on the different
channels, when you move a client from one channel to anther the pager
knows about it. did i say it doesn't core dump anymore? 

it also (correctly) shows all clients if you select that option in the
gnome-pager settings.

the main problem remains that when you startx w/ 

exec gnome-session 

as the only thing in your .xinitrc it starts wmx before the panel, so
the panel gets a frame around it... (lame). 

one thing you can do is add a call to 'xnodecor -w panel' in the gnome 
session manager (from the control center, add it to the
"non-session-managed startup programs" w/ priority 50) so that it runs 
after the panel. then you have to change the priority of
"wm-properties-capplet --sync" (in the "browse currently running
programs") and log out and restart X.

but due to a bug (?) in GNOME 1.0.4 the priority setting only lasts
ONE restart (once again, lame) so you have to set it every time you
run X.

another option is to start the panel in your .xinitrc:

panel &
xnodecor panel 

exec gnome-session

the drawback is that A) you don't get the pager since wmx isn't
running so it hasn't set the correct props on the root window, you can
add it to the panel manually (nice little chicken-and-egg thing going
here). B) you can't log out anymore (w/ the foot->logout) since it
isn't the program that's exec'ed.


the other thing that looks wrong is the gmc, the icons get frames and
backgrounds (same issue as the panel)

questions? comments? feedback?