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Re: [wmx] GNOME part 2

Michael ROGERS - Tue May 18 15:54:02 1999

>i cleaned up the code a bit, and it doesn't seem to crash anymore
>the pager now shows the outlines of the windows on the different
>channels, when you move a client from one channel to anther the pager
>knows about it. did i say it doesn't core dump anymore? 
>it also (correctly) shows all clients if you select that option in the
>gnome-pager settings.

 Thanks for getting the pager to work with wmx. I'll download the patch and
try it out. Can I steal your code for my "gnomified wm2/wmx" project?

>the main problem remains that when you startx w/ 
>exec gnome-session 
>as the only thing in your .xinitrc it starts wmx before the panel, so
>the panel gets a frame around it... (lame). 


>the other thing that looks wrong is the gmc, the icons get frames and
>backgrounds (same issue as the panel)

 I think the only thing to do is incorporate support for mwm decoration
hints. Gnome uses them extensively. I'm going to support them in "gnomified
wm2/wmx", but that won't be backwardly compatible with wmx because we're
rewriting from the ground up to using GTK.

 The easiest way to add mwm hint support to the existing wmx source is 
probably to check whether all mwm decoration hints are off, and if they are,
don't manage the window at all. This would be the equivalent of using
xnodecor (ie the wm completely ignores the panel and the icons).

 I can send you the code for proxying root window clicks if you want. You
would have to unite the two wmx menus on the middle button to be able to use
all of gmc's features, though.

Michael Rogers