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[wmx] itsy bitsy bug...

Sergiu Partenie - Fri May 14 22:08:57 1999

1. Hello all
2. Cool wm - the best I could find for low resolution X
3. the bug :(

with: wmx-5 and wmx-5sec4
using: Debian 2.1, Linux 2.2.6, X11R6.4, gcc, g++
       egcs-2.91.60 (ecgs-1.1.1 release), glibc6 2.0.7
compiling optns: I18N 0, CONFIG_USE_PIXMAPS False, removed -lXpm in Makefile
X11: XF86_Mono (Hercules 720x346)
     rxvt v2.4.5 (ln -s as xterm)
how to reproduce (with quotes from .xsession-errors):
     Assuming wmx is the default wm:
    - startx
wmx: No dynamic configuration found

wmx: Copyright (c) 1996-9 Chris Cannam.  Fifth release, Jan 1999
     Parts derived from 9wm Copyright (c) 1994-96 David Hogan
     Command menu code Copyright (c) 1997 Jeremy Fitzhardinge
     Japanize code Copyright (c) 1998 Kazushi (Jam) Marukawa
     Original keyboard-menu code Copyright (c) 1998 Nakayama Shintaro
     Dynamic configuration code Copyright (c) 1998 Stefan `Sec' Zehl
     xvertext routines Copyright (c) 1992 Alan Richardson
     Copying and redistribution encouraged.  No warranty.

     Focus follows pointer.  All clients on menu.  No session manager.
     Shape prodding off.  Plain borders.  Skeletal feedback on.  Channels on.
     Keyboard controls available.  Quick keyboard channel-surf available.
     Command menu taken from /home/psergiu/.wmx.  Keyboard menu available.
     (To reconfigure, simply edit and recompile.)
    - open a New window
    - press ^D to logout from the shell - and thus closing the window
    - try opening a New one: the menu is blank and:
wmx: X_PolyText8 (0x401df6c8): BadGC (invalid GC parameter)
    - however you can still open a New one but when it opens:
wmx: X_CopyGC (0x805f968): BadGC (invalid GC parameter)
    - try closing that window too with ^D:

Kabooey ! wmx has died ...

- wm2 works fine in the same setup
- with "X & ; export DISPLAY=:0 ; wmx" it works ok

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