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Re: [wmx] clock

Owen Cameron - Thu Apr 29 09:08:17 1999

On Thu, Apr 29, 1999 at 08:16:37AM +0200, Arnaud Dutartre wrote:
> Hi,
> do you think it would be great to have a clock in the title bar. 
> I think that just before the title (departe with blanks) it may be
> good....

Personally, I like the unix style philosophy of a single tool for a single
task, and do it well... 

and while having a clock incorporated into wmx might be usefull at times,
and heaven knows I don't object to more clocks around the place (I have
one in my bash prompt) ... I would persodnally disable a clcok if one were
built into wmx... 

Again, IMHO, if you DID want to decode a clock into wmx, then at he top of
a menu would be better than part of the titlebar... :)

> Does anyone looked at 'pie menus' : see this if you didn't already
> http://art.net/~hopkins/Don/piemenus/index.html
> Strange idea but why not ....

pie menu's are really only a good design for a menu that isn't going to
change. so it's not practical for a window-list menu IMHO - though for an
application list menu, it'd be pretty cool.  Apart from a brief glance at
an early version of UDE, I've not really played with pie menus, though
I've seen a few screenshots around hte place too :)

I like hte idea, but hey, I'm only a user - not a coder... ;)

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