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Re: [wmx] wmx tarball

Sven Oliver Moll - Thu Feb 11 10:09:48 1999

On 10 Feb 1999, Lasse Rasinen wrote:

>> - quick channel surf is now only <MOD>F1 - <MOD>F10 not <MOD>F1 - <MOD>F12
>Mrrm. Why do the needs of Sun outweight the needs of many? All other
>keyboards have no such limitations, and I dislike the idea of one
>architecture taking the rest hostage, so to speak.
I wanted it in that way, so I coded it in. Please keep in mind that my version
is NOT the official. The idea behind that was that I wanted to use the F11 and
F12 keys as a replacement for two of the SunKeys, since I don't know anything
that uses these keys under *ix.

>> BTW: My dynamic keyboard config bloated wmx by >20% so I tilted that, and use
>> two diffrent binaries (one for SunKeys, the other for PCKeys) and a wrapper
>> (not coded yet).
>I use something like the following in my .xsession
>case `uname` in
>    IRIX) bin/wmx ;;
>    SunOS) wmx-5/a.out ;;
>    *) xterm ;; # You lose
>Maybe something similar would work too?
not quite, because I like to open an X session remote via xdm like:
X -once -query <targetmachine>
that's where I would get lost with your code. I need to analyse the DISPLAY
variable as well.

>Anyway, if people do want those quicky buttons, then maybe something like
>the patch in the end. (The #define was named in a whim, don't take it
>personally ;)
It's hat to hit me personally. I know that kind of stuff, when I once coded a
procedure called something like
(only in german)

But please don't be offended, that I renamed it in my tarball.

And now for something about the options general:
It's sad that we compile code in that's never being used like

woundn't it be better to use

in order to keep the compiled code small?

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