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[wmx] New tarball (pl5)

Sven Oliver Moll - Wed Feb 10 22:58:46 1999

Hello again!

I just released a new tarball (pl5) that supports out-of-place compilation:

$ mkdir objdir
$ cd objdir
$ /path/to/wmx/configure
[...configure output...]
$ make

now works...!

That thing is very handy if you compile the same source on diffrent systems.
If the objdir contains a copy of "Config.h" it will be used instead of the
one in the sourcedir.

Greetings and a good night from Germany,

P.S.: I've just seen that there's been some heavy traffic on the list. These
patches will be implemented tomorrow giving pl6. I've got also something to say
'bout configure under Solaris, which is the system I'd prefer to Linux in some
ways, and 'bout the `uname` stuff. But that's tomorrow. Bye, and good night
(now for real ;-)
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