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[wmx] wmx tarball

Sven Oliver Moll - Wed Feb 10 14:20:44 1999

Hello again!

Since there was at least one demand, I'll do the following thing:
I'll grab every patch that goes through this mailing list and compile it on the
Solaris Workstations we have here. If it work, I'll put the tarball in
This tarball will feature MY Config.h, so you'll need some configurations
there, but this one may be easier than putting all the patches together

wmx-5sec3pl4.tar.gz has two more modifications:
- make distclean now also removes the files created by ./configure
- quick channel surf is now only <MOD>F1 - <MOD>F10 not <MOD>F1 - <MOD>F12

BTW: My dynamic keyboard config bloated wmx by >20% so I tilted that, and use
two diffrent binaries (one for SunKeys, the other for PCKeys) and a wrapper
(not coded yet).

If you like the tarball, please send me a mail, so I'll know my effort there
isn't for /dev/null ;-)

Greetings from Germany,
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__)v\/lli a.k.a. | people.
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