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Re: [wmx] Quick Keys for Keyboard Menu

Lasse Rasinen - Fri Feb 05 18:14:08 1999

Sven Oliver Moll <smol0999@rz.uni-hildesheim.de> writes:

> I just added quickkey (for Sun Keyboards) support to Lasse Rasinen's
> <lrasinen@iki.fi> Keyboard Menu Code. Works fine on my system here.

Erm. It's not my keyboard code, I've just posted improvements to it ;)

Anyway, a small nit:


> +	} else if ((key == CONFIG_QUICKCLIENT_MENU_KEY && c)
> +	    ClientMenu menu(this, (XEvent *)ev);
> +
> +	} else if ((key == CONFIG_QUICKCOMMAND_MENU_KEY && c)
> +	    CommandMenu menu(this, (XEvent *)ev);
> +	    
>  	} else if (ev->state & CONFIG_ALT_KEY_MASK) {
>  	    if (key >= XK_F1 && key <= XK_F12 &&

What if you have 12 channels? Then there'd be hell to pay. On the other
hand, Chris Cannam made the same argument when I suggested using Alt-Fx
for channel swapping, so there ;)

OTOH, I'm not using those quick keys anyway. The buttons on the right are
far too precious to waste. Imagine, 8 (10?) extra buttons, so you don't
lose any buttons some other apps might be coveting, like Alt-Right/Left on
Netscape and Alt-<whatever> on Emacs. I want one on my PC too.

> By the way: I'm not so good at the menu code, but how about moving [Exit wmx]
> from the client menu to the command menu? It makes more sense there, imho.

The move wouldn't be such a big deal. However, people can use wmx without
ever using the command menu, and putting [Exit wmx] there would force them
to it. Your mileage may vary, of course.

Wonder if Chris will still recognize wmx when he gets back?)
Next, themes and Gnome/KDE compliance and a real config file and ... ;)