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[wmx] merged NETWM branch back to trunk

Chris Cannam - Wed Feb 27 12:00:00 2008

On Monday 18 February 2008 15:53, Chris Cannam wrote:
> Since my last post I've done a little work on the netwm (formerly GNOME)
> compliance branch [...]

I've merged this branch back to trunk now, so it's back at


This isn't quite complete (check TODO.netwm for status) but I think it's good 
enough to be useful.  If you find any regressions in non-"fancy desktop" 
situations please let me know.

Just to recap, the purpose of most of this work is to make it possible to use 
wmx with the "desktop background" file managers, panels, docks etc that are 
used in GNOME and KDE, and to update some of the basic window manager hints 
that have been augmented or superseded by NETWM hints (this includes 
providing support for things like undecorated stays-on-top windows, almost 
essential for sensible use of applications like OpenOffice with their little 
palette helper windows).

This commit should also fix the i18n-in-titlebar issues that were a problem in 
the previous Xft support, and it also adds working support for session 
management at the most basic possible level -- wmx just tells the session 
manager to restart it, it doesn't remember any further state than that.

Reminder: I'd still like the Sharman/Renaud patches if anyone can send me a