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Re: [wmx] merged NETWM branch back to trunk

Alexandros Diamantidis - Sat Mar 01 18:06:47 2008

* Chris Cannam [2008-02-27 11:02]:
> This commit should also fix the i18n-in-titlebar issues that were a problem in 
> the previous Xft support,

It does indeed fix i18n in titlebars - thanks! Maybe you could add
"DejaVu Sans" in the default font lists, as it has better character
coverage than Vera and it's quite common.

I've been using xnodecor to run gkrellm without decorations on all
channels, and now it's no longer needed - setting the option to run it
as a dock works fine. But although gkrellm's window is shaped, the
window wmx puts around it isn't, so the background is obscured. Would
that be easy to fix?

Thanks again,