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Re: [wmx] antialiased fonts, Subversion, etc

Alexandros Diamantidis - Sat Dec 15 21:29:30 2007

* Chris Cannam [2007-12-12 22:30]:
> Well, it's been a while.  I wonder whether anyone reading this is
> still using wmx?

I'm still using it and I like it very much!

> I've just committed support for Xft anti-aliased font support, and
> also moved the repository on SourceForge from CVS to Subversion.

Very nice!

I thought this would allow non-ascii window titles and menu items, and
indeed non-ascii menu items appear fine, but window titles still appear
as "incognito" if they contain greek characters. If they only have
latin-1 characters, they are cut-off at the first non-ascii character.

I think this can be fixed by using Xutf8TextPropertyToTextList when Xft
support is enabled, like XmbTextPropertyToTextList is used with I18N,
but I don't know enough to make a patch...

> Does anyone out there have any outstanding patches of any sort for wmx?

I've found the patches by Richard Sharman and Roland Renaud described
here very useful:


Would it be easy to integrate them? The link in the message above
doesn't seem to work any more, but I have the patches in case the
developers are no longer here.