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Re: [wmx] checking for X... no

Jochen Kmietsch - Thu Aug 21 14:46:52 2003


On Thu, 21 Aug 2003, Lauren Commons wrote:

> 1) In the readme it says that "wmx makes realtively
> heavy demands on the performance of your X server..."

Well, compared to any "modern" desktop this is very relative, I would say.
I tried a few even more minimalistic window managers but they were either
ugly, uncomfortable or both :)  Except wm2, that is, but you mentioned
that you need the virtual screens.

> 2) When I tried to run 'configure', I got the error
> message in my subject line above.  But I DO have X;

./configure is looking for the X development stuff (header files etc.)
Uhm, look for an RPM like "xdevel" or s.th. similar (no RH box to check at
hand :( )

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