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[wmx] checking for X... no

Lauren Commons - Thu Aug 21 14:16:01 2003

Mornin' (here anyway).
First of all, I love wmx;  I've used it of and on for
several years.  I have a toshiba portege 3015 laptop
with a small screen, and the tabs on the side are a
great solution for maxmizing screen real estate.  And
the old dog is a bit underpowered for more bloated
window manager/desktop managers.  
But I have two questions.
1) In the readme it says that "wmx makes realtively
heavy demands on the performance of your X server..." 
As I mentioned, my laptop is rather long in the tooth.
 Is wmx really the best choice if one of the problems
I'm trying to solve is that I don't want the
performance hit of a more bloated system?  I DO love
the simplicity of wmx, and would sacrifice some
performance for the spiritual calm I get from keeping
my display clean and simple ;-)  Oh yeah, and virtual
desktops.  Very valuable on a small laptop.

2) When I tried to run 'configure', I got the error
message in my subject line above.  But I DO have X;
after all I am running KDE.  
I have a pretty basic Redhat 8(?)installation;  I am
clearly not an X programmer, so I'm not sure what
other info youmight need.  I browsed the list archive
but didn't see anythign that looked quite like this

Any suggestions are welcome (well, with in reason).


Mr Lauren Commons
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