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Re: [wmx] wmx a winner? Window managers in BBC Internet Services.

Nemo - earth native - Fri Sep 21 08:57:46 2001

On Thu, Sep 20, 2001 at 02:14:33PM -0400, chad did utter:
> The only thing worse than this I've ever seen is a very old gwm
> configuration written by a friend called ``bumpercar windows''; it
> kept track of the mass, velocity, and inertia of windows.  It was
> pretty wacky.

That sounds pretty cool actually. The kind of thing I'd use for the sheer
unexpected coolness and geek value. It actually reminds me of my
fetchmail strange attractor (whereby the delay till the next fetchmail
run is the delay of hte current fetchmail run, +/- one minute dependant
on if the last fetchmail run got any mail or not.