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Re: [wmx] wmx development

henri - Sat Nov 11 06:45:31 2000

> I've know about wmx for a while now. I was wondering if there is
> still people developing it? If so what direction does wmx intend to
> go?

well, not that i have any sort of say... but i see it as treading

i love wmx, and have been using it for a long time (even used it as an
example of good C++ Xwin code for a GUI class i taught at ASU a few
years ago).

when the gnome project going and i started to use it i put a bit of
effort into making wmx play nicely w/ it (well, a few bugs have
cropped up recently). still the same old wmx, but works w/ the current

just my 2 cents. 


(who did add one little toy to the wmx base)