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[wmx] pie menus

cannam - Fri May 14 07:22:03 1999

> >Does anyone looked at 'pie menus' : see this if you didn't already
> >http://art.net/~hopkins/Don/piemenus/index.html
> >Strange idea but why not ....
> It sounds like their main advantage is that your hand "remembers" commonly
> followed paths through several menus. We only have one menu, and it is rarely 
> the same twice.
> Also they take up a lot of screen space (am I getting obsessed by this?)

I think pie menus are great, particularly with a laptop pointing
device (where moving an arbitrary distance in a precise direction
is often easier than moving a precise distance in an arbitrary
direction), and they're not too difficult to code.  Unfortunately
they'd be useless for the window list because as you say it changes
too frequently to allow you to remember the positions of the items.
Also it's not trivial to lay out a pie menu optimally; it's best
done by hand, and so best with non-dynamic menus.

They could be made to work for the other root menu, but it's surely
better for both menus to work the same way.

Now, I *would* like to see pie menus available transparently in GTK
or Qt applications...