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Re: [wmx] Disappearing menus

Jason Smith - Tue May 04 16:20:28 1999

I get that semiregularly as well.

On Tue, 4 May 1999, Sean Holdsworth wrote:

> Before I start digging in the code I'd just like to check if a problem I'm
> seeing is real or just something caused by my particular setup.
> If you start wmx, click on new in the menu, exit the resulting terminal and
> then bring up the menu again, do you still have text in the menu? I just get 
> a blank menu.
> I first came across this little glitch because I'm in the habit of closing 
> down everything cleanly before exiting by X session; when I came to select 
> 'exit wmx' I got a blank menu sized to contain a new option and the exit 
> option. Clicking on where an entry in a blank menu should exist causes the
> appropriate action to be performed but is not ideal...
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