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[wmx] A suggestion

Andrew Chadwick - Wed Apr 28 18:46:08 1999

Would it be desirable to treat window geometry requests with a +x+y as
specifying the top-left corner of the wrapped window rather than the
top-left corner of the frame? It's currently impossible to hide the tab
off the left side of the screen with a -geometry spec.

This would apply to specs of the form -x+y and +x-y too. It seems more
obvious to me, that +y says where the top edge of the wrapped window goes,
and +x says where its left edge goes. Also, <horse class=hobby>it would
allow me to make better use of my screen space</horse>.

One refinement to this idea: Instead of specifying the top/left of the
frame, plusses should specify the top/left of the frame *minus the tab*.
This would allow reasonable placement while still allowing window drags
and resizes.

A quick check reveals that wmx seems to do the right thing with respect to
meta+tab when the inner part (all minus the tab) of the frame is flush
with the left of the screen.

This suggestion is equivalent to saying that the projecting tab on a
window frame is not considered part of the window [frame] itself for the
purposes of positioning. Would this be a Bad Thing?

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