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Re: [wmx] Wmx Bug

Jerronimo - Tue Mar 16 03:02:05 1999

my guess is this: (i haven't looked at that part of the code)

when a window disappears, replace it's entry in the list with the
word "<defunct>", and link it to no window.  that way, the menu
doesn't change while it's up.  then when it disappears, update any
structures, and delete that entry from the list or whatever needs
to be done.

seems like the easiest solution to me...


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On Tue, 16 Mar 1999, Fabian Sturm wrote:

> On Mon, 15 Mar 1999, Jerronimo wrote:
> > 1: close a window that takes a while to close
> > 2: before it disappears bring up the window menu (left button)
> > 3: wait for the window to disappear
> > 4: select it in the window menu
> > 5: wmx crashes
> Yes thats true. I noticed this bug too. For me it happend  when i
> opened the menu and in the same time a download box of netscape 
> disappeared. Till now i wasn't successful in making a patch.
> Perhaps someone else did?
> I wanted to look for it at the weekend. Perhaps i can find a hint
> for it.
> CU Fabian