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[wmx] Keyboard menu enhancements

Lasse Rasinen - Thu Jan 21 19:54:46 1999

When activating keyboard menu, the highlight appears only after a
keypress. Basically, it adds one useless keypress.

This time I'm not pasting a patch since this is a minor operation, I'm
just explaining what needs to be changed.

In Menu.C. after line 135 there is a snippet of code which looks like

    int selecting = -1, prev = -1;
    int entryHeight = m_font->ascent + m_font->descent + 4;
    int totalHeight = entryHeight * m_nItems + 13;

    int mx = DisplayWidth (display(), screen()) - 1;
    int my = DisplayHeight(display(), screen()) - 1;

    int x, y;
    Boolean isKeyboardMenu =					// *
        (CONFIG_WANT_KEYBOARD_MENU && (xbev->type == KeyPress));// * 

Step 1) Move the lines marked with '// *' to the top.

Step 2) Modify the "int selecting..." line to look like this:
        int selecting = isKeyboardMenu : 0 : -1, prev = -1;

Btw. I'm trying out keyboard command menu. Much more useful (IMHO) than
the keyboard window list which is nearly useless unless the cursor jumps
to the newly risen window. Of course, I think we should have both.

PS. Am I boring you yet?)