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Re: [wmx] Alternative way to pop up submenus

O'Shaughnessy Evans - Thu Jan 21 19:37:51 1999

On 1999-Jan-21 (Thu), at 16:43:03PM +0200, Lasse Rasinen wrote:
> I'm not too happy with the way the version I posted here pops up new
> windows. The cursor feels all too jumpy. Therefore, this patch will pop
> up submenus where the cursor is. Feels much more natural, IMHO. 
> Try this, if you're not all fed up with compiling wmx yet again ;)
> This patch goes over the patched wmx.

Ah, yes.  Much more natural :)  I still have one little nit, though --
can you make it like other wm's, where we can move the cursor back to
the left and return to the parent menu?  If I accidentally go to
submenu 3 when I wanted submenu 4, it's a little bit of a pain to start
over.  Of course, this is a minor thing, but still, I would find it
even more natural than the current implementation.

Rest begards,

 - shaug, who is grateful to have submenus, a long-standing wish, at all

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