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[wmx] quick bugfix

Chris Cannam - Fri May 31 10:01:55 2002

Symptom: If a window deletes itself when you're in the middle
of changing channels with feedback enabled, the feedback frame
doesn't get deleted along with the window.  It then persists
forever, across all channels.

Cause: Plain stupidity in forgetting to delete the feedback
window in the Border destructor.  I guess this was a memory
leak even when there was no visible effect.

Patch (against wmx-6):

--- Border.C.~1~	Wed Apr  4 10:02:34 2001
+++ Border.C	Thu May 16 11:19:50 2002
@@ -89,6 +89,10 @@

 	    // bad window if its parent has already gone:
 	    XDestroyWindow(display(), m_resize);
    if (m_feedback) {
        XDestroyWindow(display(), m_feedback);