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Re: [wmx] Desktop

Jo Moskalewski - Sun Oct 28 09:10:01 2001

pocm@rnl.ist.utl.pt (Paulo J. Matos aka PDestroy) writes:

> What's the usual desktop used for lightweight graphical X system?

There is no "usual" window manager. The smallest I know ist evilwm, but
for many users evilwm would be too lightweight ;-) You've got to find it
out for yourself. No one knows what you need to work.

At least if you're able to work without using raising, you even don't
need a window manager ... It's an optional tool which only sense is to
bring more comfort to your desktop.

> Are there more desktops than those at www.xwinman.org?

First sentence on <http://www.xwinman.org/others.html>:

| I can't hope to cover every single window manager ever written

:-) Jo