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Re: [wmx] wmx on solaris with workshop

Lasse Rasinen - Tue Feb 01 00:59:46 2000

f@rtfs.org writes:

> The first Problem was the undefined true and false
> wmx uses in the File Manager.C: 
> line 546 
> Client *newC = new Client(this, w, bounding_shape==1?true:false)
> Why do you use true and false and not True and False as in the 
> rest of the files. Because True and False are defined in my
> header files ans tehe other two not.

This is probably some new patch, apparently for shaped windows or
something like that. Shame on the writer, shame. Your fix was correct.

> void ClientMenu::showFeedback(int item)
> {   
>     if (Client *c = checkFeedback(item)) c->showFeedback();
> }

Your C++ compiler is broken. The scope rules state (I had a friend check
this from Stroustrup) that c is valid. Your fix is again correct, but
isn't really needed on working C++ compilers. You could apply that fix
anyway, I get nervous about assignments in ifs ;)

> This was:
> CommandMenu::CommandMenu(WindowManager *manager, XEvent *e,
>              char* otherdir = NULL)
>     : Menu(manager, e)

The default argument should probably set only once, in the Menu.h file.
This might even be my screwup :) gcc compiles it without a hitch, since
the values don't differ.