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[wmx] small wishlist

Johannes Zellner - Tue Jan 19 17:38:15 1999

recently I tryed wmx and got struck by it's simplicity and appearance.
Thanks for these really nice shaped windows!

nevertheless, here is my list of features, which could probably added
w/o any trouble:

major wishes:
   fast, as I don't like to wait for the reappearance for the windows.
   But additionaly, I'd like to have the green numbers displayed for
   a few seconds just for information.

 - Is is posssible to have the `title' on the left side transparent ?
   (I'm not too experienced in X, but I guess one should only have
    to create an additional mask for the XShape, isn't it)

 - I really like the appearance of the non-active window borders with
   this small gap between border and window. What about having this style
   also for active windows ? -- the activeness could then be marked=20
   with another pixmap.

 - Is this a bug? If I launch xv, and switch between channels, xv will
   be at the top left corner if I come back to the original channel.
   This is not true with xterms. (what's going on there ?)

 - some more key shortcut configurability would be nice.
   In fvwm95 for example, I used to have <Ctrl>-F1 for a local xterm,
   <Ctrl>-F2 for xterm -e rlogin machine2, <Ctlr>-F3 for machine3 ...

 - this is just a hint:
   The default setting <Alt>-<Left> for switching between channels
   hides bindings for applications like netscapes `back' / `forward'.
   I just changed the modifier to Control ... but you might be right,
   that's upon the individual taste of everybody who is compiling wmx.

-- joze
 Institut für Kristallographie  phone:++49 721 608-7263
 Universität Karlsruhe            fax:++49 721 608-7264
 Kaiserstrasse 12              mailto:Johannes.Zellner@physik.uni-karlsruhe.de
 76128 Karlsruhe                 http://krisal.physik.uni-karlsruhe.de/~joze

PS.: hope you won't get this message twice ...